Tuesday, January 13, 2009

UNiC Bus: A Never Ending Story...

PLEASE...!!! Listen to our VOICE!

To: Yang Bahagia Datuk Dr. Ahmad Faiz Hamid, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Affairs and Alumni), University Utara Malaysia

An Effort by a Group of UUM Students Who Concern in This Issue

The purpose of this petition initiates is to raise protest signatures from UUM students on the issue of e-bus system reformation and restructuring of bus fees from UNIC Symbol Business SDN. BHD.

The reasons why we reject the new bus system:

1. The increased of bus fees, balance cannot be transferred to next semester and the plans offered by UNIC was unreasonable and a burden to UUM students who do not have any incomes except PTPTN. The fees are high and cannot be afforded by most students.

2. The university does not collect and consider about students’ view before the agreement with UNIC and the MPP's failure of negotiated with those parties to ensure the students’ welfare and they had already against the view of majority students in UUM. This is because the students as the majority in this campus should have the voice in all cases which related to the problems of welfare.

Agenda we demand from Deputy Vice-Chancellor:

1. We ask to decrease bus fees until it is acceptable and affordable by most students.

2. We ask university to transparency the agreement between university and UNIC Symbol Business SDN. BHD. At the same time, we request transparency the all accounts of university for student so we can monitoring to avoid any corruptions.

3. We demand that students must involve in decision-making process regarding to students’ welfare. Thus, every decision-making should consider about students’ view.

Therefore, we pledges to all UUM students including foreign students can give their full support and spread the news of this petition to other friends.

It is hopefully those students signing this petition would also leave their matrix number as confirmation evidence and would not fear because this is our rights to voice out our issues.

Because the limitation of time, this petition will be held for 5 days (or even longer) and about to start on 12 Jan 2008 until 16 Jan 2008. After that, this petition will be hand over to Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Affairs and Alumni) on 17 Jan 2008.

Lastly, it is our hope that this petition will be able to pressure to university and review the agreement made with UNIC base on students’ welfare.



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